Skills To Work On To Land A Job In UAE

Skills To Work On To Land A Job In UAE

Are you having a hard time finding your dream job in the UAE? Have you been applying for various vacancies but no luck? Is your resume impressive but you failed to impress in the interview? Well, then you might need to work on your skills that will not only help you in professional growth but will also enhance your chances of landing a great job. In this blog I will mention the most important skills that employers in the UAE are looking for, in the candidates. But first let’s see why skills are important.

Why are Skills important in UAE?

UAE is a multicultural society, a home to over 200 nationalities, and all the big firm have a diverse multi ethnical workforce. The economy of UAE is witnessing it’s continuous growth, corona pandemic is almost over and recruiters being hired again. So, people from all over the world are coming to UAE to build their careers. As, we know that the competition here is tough. It has become a difficult task for the employers to find the perfect candidate amongst thousands of applicants.
Many people can have required diplomas and degrees making them eligible for any job, but not all of them have the desired skills. Your skills will definitely make you stand out among others and drive you sky high. In some cases your skills may even compensate for your less experience in comparison to the highly experienced applicants. Want to know what those skills are?? A recent survey conducted by a British Internet based data analytics firm tells us that the employers in the Arab Emirates are looking specifically for these 8 skills.

1. Communication Skills both in English and Arabic

This is the most sought after skill in the multicultural environment of most companies in the UAE. Since the language of native population is Arabic, you must be familiar with spoken and written Arabic to easily communicate with the people. In a multi-lingual society like UAE, English is the common means of communication. English is an international language and almost everyone, whatever background they are from, can understand more or less English. So, to survive in a diverse community as Arab Emirates, you must be proficient in English as well.

2. Team work

The success of an organization lies in team work. Employers always want a collaborative environment in the workplace to attain higher goals. If the workers have good relationships among themselves and they’re willing to work and support one and other, it boosts the company’s effectiveness and outcome. A person working alone will be prone to mental stress and work burden and he will hesitate to take any risks that are vital for the growth of any institution. But working in a team not only the workload is divided but also the responsibility of failure doesn’t fall on one person. So it’s very important to be a supportive member of your work team. Not only for the sake of your organization but also for your personal growth and mental peace.

3. Flexibility and Adaptability Skills

No one likes to be around a rigid and stingy person. To maintain smooth work life and peaceful environment one must show flexibility in accepting the differences of his colleagues. Especially if you are applying for a senior position you need to have this quality in you. A senior person often disregards the views of his juniors. But if a person is not welcoming to the difference of opinion and doesn’t show adaptability, there won’t be any change or new way of doing things. And this monotony will not yield good results. Also, for the junior employees openness of mind and acceptance of positive criticism is essential to success.

4. Skill to work under stress

Having this skill, depicts that you’re a strong person who doesn’t give in to the stress. And honestly, what workplace is without stress. Right?? This stress can be of meeting the deadlines, stress of unpredictable circumstances, stress of increased workload for some reason and many others. To be successful at your job, it is very important that you can manage your stress well and not let it take over you. This skill will help you to be present, composed and maintain level headedness in time of emergencies. Employers want to see their worker collected and calm instead of being overwhelmed and stressed out.

5. Leadership and Mentoring Skills

If you are working or desire to work at a senior position in any of a company this skill is a must have. When you have people working under you, you must know how to deal and lead them. A leader is always an example for the people to follow, with his vision he inspires and motivates his juniors to accomplish big things. Juniors always look at their seniors for guidance and mentorship. Only a good leader will keep his team on track, bring out the best in them, and encourage them to achieve their goals. To be a leader you must be a critical thinker as well, who analyzes good and bad in every situation and can lead your workers successfully in complex situations.

6. Honest and Trustworthy

An honest worker is the greatest asset for any organization. He not only enjoys good reputation but also develops a sense of trust in his colleagues by being a good influence. Honesty is also very important in dealing with the customers as well because a customer will only come back to a dealer who is true to his words and actions. In the same way, an employer or senior might forgive and let go if you are unable to finish your task on time. But, if you lie and loose your integrity, that will be a real loss for you. Honesty is known to strengthen the workplace environment. It encourages team members to maintain good relationships among them and with the clients.

7. Dedication & Work Commitment

A dedicated and committed employee is always in the good books of his superiors. Showing commitment is crucial for the development and growth of one’s career. Only a person who is dedicated to his work and sticks to his goals will remain motivated and eventually get rewarded. Fulfilling your commitment to your colleagues and organization is equally important. A good employee is physically, mentally and emotionally connected to his job. He dedicatedly works on the given assignments and finishes them on time. He also stays true to his words and fulfils his promises to others. This wins him a high place in his profession.

8. Personality and Demeanor

How a person carries himself on the outside is always a true reflection of his inside. And this might be the first thing the interviewer will notice in the candidates. A presentable and well mannered man will have a good influence on his colleagues and clients. Some common attributes of a good personality include your appearance, your morals and your friendliness and cooperative behavior. How a person thinks and acts always affects those around him, a helpful person will always be welcoming and assist others however he can. On the contrary, a bad mouthed and rude person will repel people and exert a negative influence on work behavior. So, a good personality is vital for self and organization’s growth.


In a nutshell, the employers in UAE value the above mentioned skills and look forward to work with people who possess them. As an ideal candidate for a job you must work and develop these high rewarding skills. These will not only help you in your professional life but also in your personal life. Whatever is written on your resume, you should be a true manifestation of it because that is what you will be judged for in the interview.

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