How to Find a Dream Job in UAE

How To Find A Dream Job In UAE- Steps You Must Know

Before I Start narrating you tips & advices on how to find a dream job in UAE, I have few questions ?

  • Are you tired of applying again & again for job in UAE and not getting any response?
  • Are you overwhelmed and feel no longer interested in long job search process?
  • Are you unaware from where to take your first step ?
  • Have a ever wondered whether your Job Search Strategy in UAE is good enough to give you a kick start?
  • Why is it hard to find your dream job in UAE?

Remember job searching in UAE can be a challenging and tough task. It needs right strategy, correct approach and dedicated effort with all heart and mind. But, here comes another question to my mind ?

  • What are the steps of a good Job Searching strategy in UAE?

You want Answer ? Lets discuss some practical tips and advices on how to search for a job effectively, so you can land in your next job opportunity. I am also hopeful that I may be able to answer my above narrated questions through these tips and advices.

8 Steps To Find A Dream Job In UAE

Step – 1 Identify Your Potential

Have you ever thought about these factors before finding a job?

  • What are you good at?
  • What special skills do you have that surpass you competitors in UAE ?
  • What is your area of Interest?
  • Which Job field attracts you most in UAE?
  • What are your strengths and areas of expertise?

The first and foremost step in finding your dream job is to identify your potential, your capabilities and skills that can leave your competitors in UAE behind you, your area of attraction and nonetheless WHAT ARE YOU. The moment you workout all these qualities of yourself, make a list of them highlighting all above mentioned factors. This will ultimately help in targeting such jobs in UAE that match your potential, skills and area of enjoyment.

Step 2 Narrow down your Approach

Have you ever asked yourself these important questions after selecting a particular job:-

  • Why do want to work?
  • Location where you want to work in UAE?
  • What type of work you want to do in UAE or Which field you want to adopt?
  • What do you want to earn?

The second and most important step in finding a dream job is to “as it is commonly said Less is more or Quality over Quantity. Unfortunately, forwarding countless applications and applying for multiple UAE companies without considering your desired job aspects isn’t strategic and is typically unsuccessful. Instead, I recommend following strategy to be adopted:-

  • Search and sensibly target around 8-10 jobs or companies in UAE.
  • Check their reputation, websites, social media profiles and reviews to learn about them.
  • Give proper attention to each application and fully understand its requirement.
  • Check whether the job requirements match your potential, skills and desired aspects.
  • If possible, also reach out to respective company employers to check about their experience working with company.

Step 3 Create A Attractive and Compelling Resume

Do you understand the term “Marketing Tools”?

In UAE, the most important marketing tool is “Your Resume”. Your resume should show your potential, capabilities, skills and experience that you would offer to a particular company in a compelling and attractive manner. It should amply highlight your most special skills and areas of expertise that your competitors lack. But, remember, most important factor here is “Tailor your resume according to the requirements of that particular job or company”.

Step 4 Engage Yourself In Networking

UAE market is full of networking events, conferences and gatherings. I would confidently say that Networking in UAE is the most powerful tool in reaching out and getting your dream job. But May I ask “What is Networking“?

  • Engage yourself with your colleagues and acquaintances who work in fields of your interests.
  • Go with them and attend industry networking events.
  • Meet and greet with potential employers or recruiters.
  • Get input from them about the type of potential, skills and experience they look for in the market.
  • Then compare whether those recruiters desired skills match your potential or capabilities.
  • After this ground check, go back to your home and again tailor your resume according to markets requirement.

Step 5 Apply Thoughtfully

After having undergone above 4 steps, you would be able to finalize 5-6 jobs that exactly match your skills and areas of expertise. Apply for them thoughtfully. But before you hit submit, triple check every thing you have entered about yourself including grammar and spellings. Don’t let these mistakes be the reason of you not getting a job.

Step 6 Show Your interest

Once you hit the submit button, you are not done yet. I recommend making a “List of Jobs” you have applied for along with company name, date you applied and their websites. If you haven’t heard from the company in a while, sending a polite email to them and asking if there is anything you can further do to support your position or candidacy for the job is a great way of Showing Your Interest” .

Step 7 Prepare Yourself for Job interview

In UAE, Job interviews are the most crucial part of job search process. Here I recommend you to make a list of common questions that can be asked from a candidate during interview by consulting your working friends/acquaintances, social media blogs/sites or company websites. Ask those questions from you and check if you are capable enough to answer those? . If not, then prepare appropriate answers for all the things related to you as well as things related to that particular company you are applying for. Question here is “Why am I not giving you a list of possible questions that can be asked from a candidate during interview“. Because once you prepare yourself for particular things you always restrict yourself and your mind. Go with open Heart & Mind and Believe in Yourself !

Step 8 Believe in Yourself

Lets for a moment say that you haven’t received any call or email for any of the UAE companies you applied for. Question is “What would you do or How would you respond”. Your response would define your attitude and both of these factors together would define your ultimate destiny meant for you. Here I would like to quote words of Paul Coelho:-


Conclusively, I would say that finding a dream job is a serious task and its needs your time and dedicated effort. By using the right strategy and giving your job search right direction, surely you are going to land in perfect place for you !

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