Master's Degree:

A Master’s Degree is an advanced degree awarded by universities and colleges after completion of a graduate-level program that typically takes 1-2 years to complete. It is designed to provide students with specialized knowledge and skills in a particular field, and can be pursued in a wide range of subjects, including business, education, engineering, humanities, and science.


  • A Master’s degree in the UAE is a postgraduate degree that typically takes one to two years to complete.
  • It is equivalent to a Master’s degree in the US and other countries.
  • In terms of the British education system, it is equivalent to a postgraduate diploma or a Master’s degree with honors.
  • In Africa, Master’s degree is equivalent to a Magister or a Postgraduate Diploma.
  • In India, a Master’s degree is equivalent to a Postgraduate degree.
  • In Pakistan, a Master’s degree is equivalent to a Bachelor’s (Honors) degree.
  • In Bangladesh, a Master’s degree is equivalent to a Postgraduate degree.
  • In Australia, a Master’s degree is a postgraduate qualification and is generally considered to be equivalent to a Postgraduate Diploma or a Graduate Diploma.

Master’s Education System in UAE

  • The education system in the UAE offers a variety of Master’s degree programs across different fields of study. The UAE has a well-developed higher education system that includes both public and private universities, many of which are accredited and recognized internationally.
  • The admission requirements for Master’s degree programs in the UAE vary by institution and program. In general, students are required to have completed a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification, and meet certain academic and language proficiency requirements. Some programs may also require students to have relevant work experience in their field of study.
  • The UAE higher education system is overseen by the Ministry of Education, which works to ensure that universities and programs meet certain quality standards and requirements. Many universities in the UAE are also accredited by international accrediting bodies, which can further enhance the recognition and value of their degree programs.
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