The term “male” generally refers to the social and cultural roles, behaviors, expectations, and attributes associated with being a man or a boy in a particular society or culture.

Men in the UAE work in a variety of industries, including traditional roles and emerging sectors. Here are some of the types of jobs that men do in the UAE:

  • Construction: Men make up a significant portion of the construction workforce in the UAE. They can be found working as engineers, architects, and construction workers in various construction projects throughout the country.
  • Oil and Gas: The UAE is known for its oil and gas industry and men play a significant role in this sector. They can be found working as engineers, technicians, and managers in oil and gas companies and related industries.
  • Finance and Banking: The UAE is a financial hub, and men are heavily involved in the finance and banking sectors. They can be found working in various roles, including investment banking, commercial banking, and financial analysis.
  • Information Technology: The UAE’s tech sector is rapidly growing, and men are playing a critical role in this industry. They can be found working in various roles, including software development, cybersecurity, and data analysis.
  • Hospitality and Tourism: Men can also be found working in the hospitality and tourism industry in the UAE. They can work in roles such as chefs, hotel managers, tour guides, and more.
  • Transportation: Men can be found working in various transportation-related jobs, including driving taxis, buses, and other vehicles.
  • Government: Men also work in various government agencies and ministries in the UAE, including the police force, the military, and other public service roles.

Overall, men in the UAE work in a diverse range of industries and their contributions are helping to drive the country’s economic growth.

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