Driver Jobs in UAE

If you possess a UAE driving license and aspire to explore promising driver jobs in UAE, check out the latest driver job opportunities listed below to apply."
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Driver Jobs in UAE

Does UAE has abundance of Driving jobs? Yes UAE has variety of driving jobs due to its constantly thriving economy and diverse nature of industries. From supporting business entities to everyday individual tasks, drivers have become a key element of UAE’s cosmopolitan society. Concurrently, due to huge surge in demand of driving jobs, UAE has set certain rules and regulations in order to obtain valid driving license and become certified drivers. 

What Types of driver Jobs are available in UAE?

Some of the most common driver jobs available in UAE are under:-

Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers are employed by companies or industries for delivery of parcels, documents or any other package to assigned locations in a smooth and timely manner. These drivers are able to earn around 3500-5000 AED per month in UAE. Some of most common industries which employ delivery drivers include Courier Services, Cargo Services, Food Delivery Services, E-Commerce Companies, large Logistic Companies and to some extent small local or domestic businesses. If delivery drivers are using motorcycles then Category 1 driving license will be required and if using light motor vehicles Category 3 driving license will be required.

Taxi Drivers

Taxi drivers are key integral element of UAE’s transportation system. They provide smooth transport services within cities to local populace as well as tourists. Some also work with well established Taxi Companies. They are able to earn around 3000-5500 AED depending upon number of working hours.


Chauffeurs are hired in UAE to drive personalized driving services to VIPs or business executives and large business entities. They are often employed to drive luxury vehicles such as limousines etc. They are able to earn around 4000-8000 AED per month depending upon the vehicle being driven and level of client or company being served.

Heavy Vehicle Drivers

Heavy vehicles include drivers of trucks, buses and other special heavy equipment such as fork lifter etc. These drivers are normally employed for public transportation, logistics companies, construction and manufacturing industry, oil & gas industry, agriculture sector & rental companies. They are able to earn around 4500-9000 AED per month. For light category bus driver Category 5 license, for heavy category bus Category 6 license, for light forklift Category 7, for heavy forklift Category 8 license & for heavy truck driving Category 4 license is required.

Home Drivers

Home Drivers or you may call them Personal or Family driver jobs are one of the most common or most demanded jobs in UAE. They are hired by individuals or families to fulfill their personal transportation requirements, both on part time or full time basis. They are able to earn around 3000-6000 AED per month. 

What are the basic qualifications and skills required to obtain driver jobs in UAE?

  • Valid UAE driving license. If you already have a valid driving license issued by your country, it is applicable for some countries (43 x countries through Markhoos Initiative) to transfer the driving license with a UAE driving license, in accordance with the UAE approved terms & conditions of the driving license transfer.
  • Previous experience of driving vehicle.
  • Legally allowed to work as driver in UAE.
  • Sufficient knowledge of UAE traffic laws and regulations.

Who all are eligible to drive in UAE?

UAE has set certain age limits for each type of driving license. Individuals who are of legal age and medically fit are eligible to obtain learning permit and further apply for driving license. The minimum age requirement is as follows:

  • 17 years for motorcycles and for vehicles for people with disability.
  • 18 years for cars and light vehicles.
  • 20 years for heavy vehicles and tractors.
  • 21 years for buses.

How to learn driving in UAE & Obtain Driving License?

In order to valid UAE driving license, following steps must be followed in order of sequence:-

  • Visit one of the registered driving centres in related Emirate and open your file there You will be required to submit your copy of passport and residence visa page, copy and original emirates ID card, 2 photographs, eye test report and in some cases NOC from the sponsor (if required by the related traffic department).
  • Attend the complete training program offered by the driving center.
  • Pass all types of tests set by related traffic department such as Fitness/Optical Test, Theoretical Test, Yard Test, Assessment Test & On Road Driving Test.
  • Obtaining the driving license from the traffic authority which will be valid for 2 years.

Authorized Driving Institutes in UAE?

  • Emirates Transport Driving Institute.
  • Abu Dhabi Emirates Driving Company.
  • Emirates Driving Institute Dubai.
  • Dubai Driving Center.
  • Galadari Motor Driving Center Dubai
  • Belhasa Driving Center Dubai.
  • Al Ahli Driving Center Dubai.
  • Sharjah Driving Institute.
  • Ras Al Khaimah Driving Academy.
  • Fujairah National Driving Institute.

Will there be an increasing demand of well trained drivers across UAE in year 2024?

Due to growing businesses, domestic & public needs, there will be an increasing demand of more and more trained drivers in all sectors across UAE in year 2024. This can be justified through analyzing following statistical data issued by Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai:-

  • Ridership of public transport & shared mobility comprising Dubai Metro, Tram, public buses, shared mobility & taxis amounted to around 702 million riders in 2023. The figure reflects an increase of 13% when compared to the ridership numbers in 2022, which was 621.4 million riders.
  • The average daily ridership of public transport, shared mobility and taxis clocked 1.92 million riders in 2023 compared to 1.7 million riders in 2022.

Above mentioned data indicates that in year 2023 increased reliance on public transport by local populace has generated more revenue & definitely created more & more job opportunities as compared to previous years. Therefore, it is evident that year 2024 will definitely put heavy demand of well trained drivers.


To conclude, there is a wide variety of driver jobs UAE offers to job seekers based on their driving experience and the type of license they possess. Based on your experience and preference, you could choose to apply for a suitable driving license to work in any of categories.